Redness & Sensitivity

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Redness and sensitivity are two common skincare concerns. Unlike a flushed face, redness and blotchy skin can be due to sensitive skin. A gentle cleanser, cleansing oil, serum, face balm or face mask could be what your skin care routine needs or what your dermatologist recommends. Put your best face forward, despite your skincare concerns. Healthy skin is always beautiful. Sensitive skin and those with redness may respond better to cruelty free skin care products that are specially formulated to help balance and brighten an uneven skin tone. A cleansing oil made from argan oil and olive oil nourishes red skin and can also be used as a makeup remover. A soothing serum is ideal for a complexion in need of redness-soothing skincare. A serum is also beneficial for those experiencing redness post facial or those that have sensitive skin. Opt for a moisturizing face mask formulated with shea butter if you have cracked skin and dry skin. A moisturizing face mask can double as a balm that acts as a spot treatment for extremely dry skin areas on the face and body. Reach for a gentle cleanser, cleansing oil, serum, a face balm or face mask—your face will thank you.

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