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Radiant-looking skin doesn’t have to stop at your face—get an all-over healthier-looking glow with our game-changing hand and body treatments. Gently exfoliate dull, dry skin and help brighten the appearance of skin on the legs, chest, arms and torso for a smoother, softer, healthier look. Our skin care products are truly pampering and help you address skincare concerns with good-for-your-skin ingredients. Turn your shower into an at-home spa experience with Polish Dual-Action Body Scrub or try our Vitamin A-infused overnight hydrating lotion that aids in body sculpting. Our nourishing skin care products help transform the look of skin with a rejuvenating blend of ingredients that you can use over your entire body or on specific problem areas, like your legs, chest, back, elbows, knees or décolleté for targeted results. Give your hands some TLC with a replenishing hand cream. Indulge in a body brush, a luxe body scrub, a firming lotion or an intensely nourishing hand treatment. COSMEDIX has every skin care product you need to help achieve healthier-looking skin from head to toe.

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